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Read our travel guide to skiing destination Voss. Voss has two main resorts that can have lots of powder.






Voss Travel Guide - Winter

Voss Resort vs Myrkdalen

Voss is a small place 1,5 hour drive from Bergen city. It has long traditions for skiing. Olympic medalists in various skiing disciplines like cross country skiing, ski jump, biathlon and freestyle. Voss is surrounded by mountains and in winter it is colder here than in Bergen, the rain that falls in Bergn often falls as snow in Voss.


Voss Resort Bavallen is the skiing resort close to Voss centrum. It is the oldest resort with long traditions for skiing, back to the 50s and 60s. The slopes are varied, stretching from black to green. Over the last decade a lot of cabins has been built, and it is possible to ski in and ski out when booking at Voss Resort.


Myrkdalen is the powder hole in Hordaland. There can be really good powder in Voss Resort, but Myrkdalen generally has more snow than Voss Resort. Over the last 10 years the Mountain Village of Myrkdalen has become both a family and a freeskiers favourite. There has been built a lot of cabins, and in 2012 the first hotel opened. The slopes are a bit shorter than at Voss resort and there is not as many kilometers with slope, but visiting Voss to ski you should definitely try both Voss resort and Myrkdalen. In Myrkdalen you can ski until the middle of May, even tough the resort closes at the end of April. I nice and accessible top is Finnbutnuten at 1358m, you can get a lot of altitude by starting at the top of Kari Traa lift.


Voss is also known for it's extreme sport festival held in June every year. Paddlers, longboarders, downhill mountainbikers, base jumpers, rafters, and a selection of air acrobats all gather for one week to compete, have fun and go to concerts. The festival attracts a lot of tourists as well, so going for Voss at summer this week is the one to choose. In both Voss Resort and Myrkdalen you'll see skiers also flying paragliders with skis.


In Voss you can get guides to backcountry skiing, because the mountains surrounding Voss are nice choice when going backcountry skiing. An alternative if you prefer just the hike up is to drive to Oppkvitne and follow the tractor road there to Kolingseggi. You'll soon get a perfect view to Lønahorgi, Bavallen and towards Voss centrum. It is a good choiche both summer and winter, in winter skis and skins are prefered. Ask the locals to get a parking spot or look for an opportunity to park a bit further down the road.


Where to stay

I'd prefer to stay at the cabins either in Voss Resort or in Myrkdalen. If you prefer hotels both Park Hotel and Fleshers are good choices, so as the new Myrkdalen Hotel. Fleishers Motel opposite the road from the hotel is a good economic choice. Nice rooms (better inside than they look outside) and you also get to eat breakfast at the hotel and use the hotel facilities.


What to do

You should check out the Kari Traa/Bula shop, which is a nation wide brand founded in Voss by some of the former skiing athletes. Voss also has the only basejumping similator upstream wind tunnel at Voss Wind. It's a must if you want to try that extreme sport culture.


Where to go

If you are really here for powder skiing Songdal and Hodlekve has the last years sailed up as the place to be for powder hunters. Lots of snow that often turns down as light powder due to the surrounding Jostedalsbreen.


If you take the train two- two and a half our further east you'll reach Finse and Haugastøl. Here you can try kite skiing. Both desinstions have possibilities for staying over night.


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