• Date: Dec 2013

We have reviewed the Völkl Shiro. We call the Völkl Shiro the SUV of skis. Read our review to find out why.






Völkl Shiro Review


I bought a pair of Völkl Shiro, in order to be in the game those days of heavy snowfall. Living in the western part of Norway when it snows a lot, the temparature is normally close to freeze and not too cold. This means that the snow most often is heavy on those days of lots of new snow.


I normally use 170 in skis but I went for a pair Völkl Shiro of 183 to have extra lift in deep snow.


I have had the skis for two seasons and so far it has not been many of the deep snow days where I live, at least not when I have had the ability to go skiing. Fist of all as the Völkl Shiro in our review is a 100 % off piste powder ski, you must have other skis to cover other conditions and to be in the slopes.


Völkl Shiro - The SUV of skis


The Völkl Shiro in our review feel like the SUV of skis. Most skis would probably perform on first descents on a powder day, but as the off piste gets more and more tracks from others, I believe other skis might fall through. It feels like you just plow through he snow, and nothing can stop you. You pass other tracks with ease and without loosing your line and balance. The tip rocker prevents you from getting the tips under the snow, when you hit those other tracks.


I did one day of 10 cm fresh snow in the piste, the Völkl Shiro loved these conditions. You could just choose your own line without worrying on where there were existing tracks. The two other days it was 10-20 cm off piste with fresh snow. I got the lift from the skis that I was hoping for, just cruising down the white wonder. With full rocker the skis are constantly seeking to stay on top of the snow, and I love it. They also feel super stable in piste, they best like high speed in slopes. No nervous front ski here.


Drawback - review


Well you don't have the "fine mechanics" and ease of turns, you have to work to get the ski on edge. And you have to ride them for what they are, definitely not a slalom ski.


But even in piste you have the same feeling, if there slopes are getting harder to ski, with snow bumps you just cut right through them. On edge in slopes, they like big wide turns, and it is an advantage to have the slopes almost to yourself. It can be a little uncomfortable to be on T-lifts as the skis just live their own life on the snow up. Hence you will need some stiff boots also to handle the skis.


Völkl Shiro Review - Highlights


  • 1. Powder days
  • 2. The super wide ski
  • 3. Full rocker


Conclusion Völkl Shiro Review


For the right conditions we love these skis. They plow through new snow and floats on the snow. A few test runs and you are in control. They have won the onthesnow.com Editor´s choice for powder skis 2014 and we agree that these are a favorite. In the woods with lots of tree density they might be a bit hard to handle, but for open landscape or less dense woods they are what you need for powder days.



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