• Date: Jan 2014

Looking for Swix Norway hat with flag? We have done the job to find online stores.






Swix Norway hat


Swix has been the general sponsor for Norwegian cross country skiing national team for many years. Each year they have representation or parade Swix hat that the skiers on the national team uses in the world cup and competitions, with the sponsor logo and the flag. In 2013/ 2014 the sponsor is Aker. The Swix hats are popular among young athletes, team Norway fans and sports enthusiasts. Possible to use for both sport and for casual on cold days.


Swix seem to be popular in Germany as many of the shops are on .de domain. In germ at Swix hats are called Swix Mütze. In Norwegian the word is Swix lue.


Norwegian athletes use different models of the Swix Norway hat. In the Sochi 2014 olympic games, the Norwegian team use a model like Swix Pro Fit just plane white with no flag. And the corresponding head band.


Buy Bjørn Dæhlie LSV 2015 hat


For 2015 it is no longer Swix that is sponsor for the Norwegian team. It is Bjørn Dæhlie that has the Aker LSV (langrennsportens venner) hat for 2015. It is possible to buy it by joining langrensportens venner for 300 NOK a year.
langrennsportensvenner.no. To our understanding the hat has not been distributed for retail sale, only sale through langrennsportens venner and for local talents in local ski clubs.


Buy Swix Norway hat with flag online


Prepare for the 2014 Sochi winter olympic games, and have a hat similar to the Norwegian cross country team. The 2014 / 2015 season will be the last with Swix sponsoring Norway hat, as from 01.05.14 season the new sposor is Bjørn Dæhlie.



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