• Date: Feb 2014

Norwegian snowboarder Ståle Sandbech took the silver medal in Sochi snowboard slopestyle.






Ståle Sandbech takes Norway´s first medal in Sochi olympics


Picture credit:https://sumo.tv2.no


As a gear magazine we focus on reporting the sports and outdoor gear used in the Sochi 2014 olympics.
Norway had two snowboarders in the final: Ståle Sandbech and Gjermund Bråten.


Ståle got the silver medal, and Norway´s first medal after his excellent second run, Gjermund failed to complete a run that could have got him higher on the result scoreboard.
The snowboard slopestyle competition in Sochi was the first ever slopestyle olympic competition.


Sweet Protection Helmet


So what about the gear used. Ståle Sandbech is a Sweet Protection rider, and was using a Sweet Protection helmet. Custom made with flag instead of logo, and with no goggle strap on the back.
For us it looked like a helmet like either Grimnir or Igniter, matte black. Gjermund used the same helmet in his run.


Oakley Googles and clothing


Ståle Sandbech used green Oakley Canopy gooles and Oakley pants, in the Sochy olympic slopestyle final.


Rome Snowboard


Ståle Sanbech was riding the Rome Mod board. http://www.romesnowboards.com/boards/mod/


Congrats to Ståle for an excelent run and for wining silver in the Sochi 2014 olympics. Inspiring to see the great sportmanship among the snowboarders, all celebrating the fellows on the podium.
Ståle is super cool, something he showed at the podium of the medal ceremony, with his mohawk hair style.


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