• Date: Aug 2014

We have gone through the Sweet Protection Antum Winter 2014/2015 catalogue to pick out our favourite gear.






Sweet keep their flagship helmets and jackets, but there are some new cool colors, team edition models, limited edition models and some new helmet and jacket models.


For the apparel we have picked out our favourite Gore-Tex jacket, Gore-Tex pants, and base layers. Click the picture to see full version.


Sweet Protection Helmets 2015


For the 2014 / 2015 season Sweet Protection have 10 different helmet models in their collection: Rambler, Rambler kids, Igniter, Igniter MIPS, Igniter Alpiniste, Griminir, Trooper, Trooper MIPS, Rooster Roster LE, and Rooster Discesa RS.


We liked some of the team edition helmets, like the gray Åsmund Thorsen Trooper helmet shown in the picture. Aleksander Aurdal and Terje Haakonsen also have their signature team edition models in the 2015 collection. We also liked the new Igniter Alpiniste helmet (left bottom white model) with an attachment point for headlamp in front.


The two other shown helmets in the picture are the Rooster Discesa RS (pearl white to the right bootm corner) which will be used by Aksel Lund Svindal ( Red Bul version), and the pearl wihte Sweet Protection Igniter.


Sweet Protection - MIPS technology


What it MIPS? MIPS sets a new standard in helmet safety. Developed by brain surgeons and scientists to reduce rotational forces on the brain caused by angled impacts to the head. (http://www.mipshelmet.com).


MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System):
A unique technology developed to reduce brain injuries. MIPS reduces the rotational forces to the brain with up to 50% by allowing the helmet to slightly rotate relative to the head. Conventional helmets are tested by dropping them vertically onto a flat surface. MIPS is designed to deal with how most accidents actually occur, with oblique impacts to the head. MIPS sets a new standard in helmet safety. (Sweet protection catalogue).


The following Sweet models use MIPS technology: Trooper MIPS, Igniter MIPS, Rooster Discesa RS, Griminir and Igniter Alpiniste.


Sweet Protection Gore-Tex 2015


For the Gore-Tex gear there are some known models like the true black Sweet Protection Supernaut jacket show in picture. With the apple green Supernaut R pants in the middle of the picture. And for women the Plum Purple / Lightning blue Voodo jacket. Likewise the coral red Mercury jacket.


New for men is the Monkeywrench jacket and pants to the left in the picture.


Base layer


The upper left corner is the womens saviour base layer, now in a purple version. For mens the true black Lumberjack jacket (not shown).




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