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Supervention 2 Movie Review

I have been waiting for Supervention 2 all fall, and then on Friday 29th of October it was
finally here. It got a lot of publicity, both on national TV in Norway with
Aksel Lund Svindal visiting Senkveld, the Friday night TV show here in Norway
and in social media. Quite a lot of my Instagram followers were referring to the
premiere tour in Bergen, Trondheim and Oslo.
Being able to deliver an exciting movie to live up to the publicity is very

Aksel Lund Svindal - King of the mountains

So what are my thoughts on that? The movie started off by following Aksel Lund Svindal
in a car shop doing alternative things when off training with an achilles injury. I am
starting with this, since I believe the best parts of the movie and the parts that gave
me goose bump in this movie, were the victories Aksel took after coming back from the
injury. Several of his victories in the World Cup were shown with the original live TV pictures.
Seeing him cross the finish line with green numbers, knowing what he has been
through is special.

Locations and filming

In a movie like this the filming is crucial, I guess it is limited how much more original
you can do when it comes to angles, follow cam, drones and similar. The fact that
drones have become something everybody can own, you might argue it becomes
less impressive, even when pros use them. But showing off different parts of Norway
with mountains around Sunndal, Hurrungane , Alaska, Glomfjord south of Bodø and
again Lofoten, it is stunning pictures in the movie with the usage of drones. 
It is cool that they year after year find new locations in Norway and show
these off to the rest of the world.
The filming I found most spectacular was the super slow motion ones, I felt
you could almost see drops of sweat falling from the riders as they were doing
that big jump in Glomfjord. Filming was done using a following
helicopter and it was zooming in on the riders. Glomfjord in addition to Haines
in Alaska where the front cover is taken, were the most spectacular locations.
In addition to the big finale at the end in Nordkapp, where Anders Backe
jumped over the globus, with 300 vertical meters to the sea, only
meters from where he lands.

Feeling the effort to set a trick

I remembered from Supervention that it was less focus on crashes,
more focus on the actual times athletes were doing the trick right.
I think there could be a little less of the unsuccessful attempts in
Supervention 2, but on the other side the idea is probably to get
the viewer understand what it actually takes to get a trick right.
Like the numerous attempts Jesper Tjäder had to fulfill that rail
loop trick at the forth location, at the x number of times he had
tried, and how bad the crashes were.
So in between the attempts I was thinking this movie was far
from as good as Supervention and at times a bit boring.
But after it is finished I take that back. I think movies like this is all
about inspiration. For example I had been thinking about buying a cross
country skiing sled and go out on some weekend expeditions, but I
remembered I thought after the movie, that forget about that sled,
alpine skiing is all that matters, both offpiste and in slopes.
For some it seems to come easy. Terje Håkonsen is showing
off some real board feeling as he set off in Japan with a snowboard
without being attached to the board. More like snow surfing.
Only time you understood there was some difference to normal
snowboarding was when the board fell off in the middle of the jump
and there was a string that attached it to his foot. 

That amazing cover photo

So for the still fotos, I think Sverre Hjørnevik deserves
some real credit for some of the stunning photos he has taken
in connection with Supervention 2, I believe he also has the
cover photo of Aksel Lund Svindal looking over the landscape
in Alaska. I was waiting for that moment in the movie, but it
turned out the exact capture only Sverre got on his camera as
a still photo.


So after nearly two hours of pure skiing, rails, powder, racing
and jumps you felt excited, excited that it is soon
winter. Excited that Aksel is going to try for yet another
comeback, that we have so many beautiful locations
in Norway that just sits there waiting for some first decents.
I felt that Aksel was the definite king of Supervention 2,
doing those sick lines in Haines Alaska, going so fast and
dangerous as his way of living. I went straight into
TV2 Sumo the day after and started to watch
Vinnerskalle the Aksel Lund Svindal documentary from 2014.
So go and watch the movie in theaters to get that tight
feeling and that sound designed for theaters. Ask yourself
one question as you get out, am I more or less inspired to
go skiing this winter after having watched supervention 2?

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