• Date: Jan 2015

I wanted an light down jacket with high fill power and a long fit, for camp trips. Check the Rab Neutrino Endurance.






Rab Neutrino Endurance.


I selected the Rab Neutrino Endurance because it fit the following purposes: Warmth, weight and pack size.
So far I have used it on a camp trip in windy rainy/snowy conditions and in my backpack for various alpine touring trips.
It comes with a pack bag, but I rather use a dry bag for a little more loose fit when packing and to keep it dry. It then compresses really good.


I have nothing to complain about the warmth. For the camp trip I also tested the hydrophobic down, the jacket tackled the little shower when I put up the tent good.
As it got wet I could not use it inside the sleeping bag, but it was adding extra warmth to have it on top of the Rab Andes 800 womens sleeping bag.


The fil power is 800 and the weight is 593g in size 12. I bought size 14 which represents my normal size L. The length at the back is just long enough to also keep the butt warm.
It does not have a snow skirt, I planned to buy one with, but it helps to use the drawstrings to get it tight to not allow any wind to come in.


I see thinner jackets in the shop weighing much more than this jacket. It has fleece in the pockets for extra comfort, it has one inner pocket and two normal pockets outside.
Nothing more fancy that adds weight. When in action it is normally too warm to wear, so I just put it on top of the back pack, so that it is easy to put on in breaks.


I also considered the big sister Neutrino Plus with box wall construction, but after bying this jacket I don`t regret the selection. The only thing I am not so satisfied with is the colour, blazon is the one I have. I with there were some with
a little more colours, and I liked the maya colour of the plus model better.


Conclusion: Simple yet warm jacket for protection on cold winter trips.



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