• Date: Jan 2014

Looking for Petter Northug´s Oakley model? We have the answer after talking to his management.






Petter Northug Oakley


Petter Northug uses the Oakley Radarlock XL model. The Oakley Radarlock is popular among athletes within several high activity sports, like cycling, cross country skiing, biathlon and kayaking.


Both international and national Norwegian top athletes like Petter Northug Jr. use the Radarlock model from Oakley. The Oakley Radarlock model has different glass sizes and options, and get their model name after that. Petter Northug has been using different frame colors, glass tints after conditions and both with and without vents in the glass.


Oakley Radar XL vs Radarlock XL


We have noticed pictures of Petter Northug using the Radar XL model, this model does not have the characteristic hole in the frame, like the radarlock. You have most likely seen ther Radar XL retina burn (yellow) with blue irdium lens on Petter. But according to Oakley.uk the Radar XL is discontinued. The Radarlock is a newer Oakley model, that makes swapping lenses easier. The earlier model of radarlock was seen on Mark Cavendish.


Casual favourite


We also asked for his favorite casual Oakley sunglass pair, that was the Oakley Holbrook. The Holbrook is also the casual favorite to Norwegian cyclist Edwald Boasson Hagen.


As we have written in this articleTherese Johaug also favours the Oakley Radarlock in competitions, she is sponsored by Oakley just like Petter Northug Jr.


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