• Date: Feb 2014

Norway biathlon hat: We have gathered online shops that sell the biathlon hats used by team Norway.






Norway Biathlon hat 2014


Just like the cross country team, the biathlon team Norway each season has a hat and headband that promotes the flag and their main sponsor. For the
2013 / 2014 season the main sponsor is DNB and the apparel sponsor i Odlo. In the picture the 2014 model is the one with the thin blue stripe above the logo. With the headband version in the middle.


Athletes using Norway biathlon hat


Some of the best Norwegian biathlon athletes will be using the Norway biathlon hat in the 2014 Sochi Olympics and the biathlon world cup. In Sochi Norwegian biathlon athletes are using a blue odlo hat, and head band, like the one on the top in the picture. There is also no DNB logo due to olympic rules.




Other tems that use the same Odlo biathlon hat is the French team with Martin Forcade as the leading athlete.



Odlo online dealer


Odlo is a big brands when it comes to technical underwear. They have the pro skier Jon Ohlson on their team, promoting the underwear.
Check the ad below the article for some polyknit hats. It is not normal that the sponsored hats goes into normal retail production, most often it is either the sponsor or the biathlon federation that gets these hats. But there are some flag polyknit hats available that are good for cross country skiing and biathlon fans.


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