• Date: Feb 2014

Norrona Falketind Gore-Tex Jacket and Pants test: Season 2013/2014 complete new model. We have tested it.






Norrona Falketind Gore-Tex Jacket and Pants - Test


Norrøna Falketind Dri3 vs Gore-Tex 2013/2014


As we have written earlier we were not satisfied with the Norrøna Dri3 Falketind jacket, when it came to condensation and waterproofness. We liked the jacket, since it was super light and easy to pack, but it felt a bit short and cold on windy days. As a result we just sent the complete set of Dri3 Jacket and Pants to Norrøna claiming it was a warranty case.


And we were lucky, Norrøna accepted the claim, and we asked to upgrade to the Gore-Tex version, since this new series of product was lanuched November 2013 for the 2013/2014 season. We asked to upgrade, if Norrøna believed that the Norrona Falketind Gore-Tex Jacket was better for breathability and condensation. So for a small fee (compared to the actual upgrade), we were sent the newest model of Norrona Falketind Gore-Tex Jacket and pants.


So getting the grafitti pink version of the Gore-Tex jacket and the caviar pant, we were eager to test it. We liked the look of it, the pink colour was pretty amazingly cool, even better than in the pictures on the norrona.com web site. The inside of the shell had a brushed fabric, compared to the smooth inside of Gore-Tex Pro shell. The latter which we have tested to not be satisfying for breathability and condensation.


The test


We wanted to give the jacket a spin in cold conditions, with high activity. So we took it for a round of play in the powder, fishbone powder climbing and for runs in Hemsedal´s demanding forest next to the black slope. In other words super high activity, where you defenitely would get sweaty on parts of the test.


Breathe for me Gore-Tex


This time we were just amazed by the breathability of the jacket. We know that it takes a lot to make the jacket stand very high activty, as we have seen other tests on the net, saying non of the tested jackets were satisfying for breathability. So even after these high intensity activities the jacket was completely dry on the inside. Except for the taped seams where we could feel moisture, but for taped seams we believe they are excused, as not taping them would lead the jacket to leak rain. In comparsion the helmet was wet inside, meaning that the tester was actually sweating and had been in very high activity. After a short break the whole jacket including the seams were dry, meaning that the seams would get dry super quickly.


Activity and usage


Norrøna says that the Norrøna Falketind Gore-Tex jacket is a very versatile jacket: "Our most versatile all season waterproof and breathable jacket". We agree. We have tested it for freeride and cross country skiing, and it works for both. Especially for alpine touring we believe it could be a top jacket. For resort skiing it can feel a bit cold, but with a good thick middle layer you are most likely safe. We tested it for a couple of degrees below freeze in Hemsedal, with a bit harsh wind on the top. No problem here, you might feel a bit cold on the first run or the first run after a break, but if you keep high activity on the run it won´t be an actual problem. We also feel that this new model has a bit longer back than the Dri 3 version, so that you protect your butt from loosing to much heat.


The Norrona Falketind Gore-Tex pants that we tested as well, was just wide enough in the legs to get outside on the top of the alpine boots. The women's model is a bit slimmer than the men´s model, but then mens have wider boots, so we believe same snug boot cut could be there. So the pant isn´t really a pant for alpine skiing, but you can just make it work. For the performance of alpine skiing it worked well, just like the jacket.


Conlcusion of Norrøna Falektind Gore-Tex Test


We believe Gore-Tex is in the game of breathability with the Gore-Tex version of Norrøna Falketind Gore-Tex jacket and pants. From our test we see that choosing the top model (Gore Tex Pro) is not necessary to get top breathability performance. We would based on the test of the Falketind jacket and the Berghaus Ulvetanna, rather go for a Gore-Tex jacket with Gore-Tex shell and woven inside, than a Gore-Tex Pro.


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