• Date: Jul 2014

We have been testing our new Sea Bird Designs "North Sea" kayak in Hardanger. Here are some tips for kayaking on the fjords of Hardanger.






Hardanger - The classical fjord of Norway


The main purpose for tourists visiting Norway is to see the Fjords. Having that in mind the Hardangerfjord is one of the classical fjords, beeing one of the first that attracted tourists. It has everything for an active holiday, white mountain tops, clear water, a glacier with a ski lift at Folgefonna summer ski resort, and now famous Trolltunga in Odda.


And then just a short trip from Voss the most famous place for extreme sports in Norway. With their own Extremesport week and Voss wind the only "base jumping" simulator in Norway.


What would not be better to taste the fjords by going on a kayak trip? Complete freedom, relaxation and beautyful nature. Go close to land between Nordheimsund and Øystese, or take a tour in the fjord arm of Fyksesund. To visit the no roaded village of Botnen. Now only a summer village, but previously people lived her permanently.


Rent kayak in Hardanger


The most convenient way to go kayaking would be to bring your own. Then you could go out in alsmost evry little village. With Øystese, Norheimsund, Eidfjord, Steinstø or Jondal as good choises. Or you could rent, close to Øystese in Steinstø you can rent at Fyksesund Braut and in Eidfjord at Flat Earth. In Jondal it is also possible to rent at the Tourist Information.


An extra adventourous kayak trip would be to kayak some of the waters close to Folgefonna glacier like Møsevatnet. Then you'll see clear blue water and the glacier diping into the water. Make sure the snow has left the water for the summer season then.


If you then come to Norway and Hardanger for kayaking you should also pay a visit to Kayak Voss, to get a whitewater course. You should also go for a kayak trip or hike around the Nerøyfjord with Gudvangen as a base.


Care for a camp wile kayaking the fjords of Hardanger, the island of Kvamsøy, Botnen or Vallandsholmane are good options. In additon you'll find quite a few private cabins for rent that is placed less than 100 meters from the sea.


Others things to do in Hardanger


- Hike Torefjell (also a good one on Randoné late spring)
- Hike Skrott and stay at Breidablikk DNT cabin
- Hike Folgefonna glacier (including hiking Sunndal - Fonnabu where the guided hikes start)
- Easy hike in the valley of Fitjadalen (for a longer one take it to DNT cabin Vending)
- Easy hike or mountain bike at the dust roads in Tolomarka
- Roller skate or roller ski at Sjusete skiing arena (new asphalt and summer skiing arena in 2014)
- Windsurf the Fjord (bring your own gear)
- Ski at Folgefonna sommerskisenter
- Rent a boat and go fishing
- Daytrip to Voss (chek out Voss Vind, Voss Rafting center and Voss Kayak)
- Guided hike and climb via Ferrata to Trolltunga (contact the tourist information in Odda)


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