• Date: May 2014

Tested: Jetboil Sol Aluminium. The light way to boil water with as little gas as possible.






The next level of boiling - Jetboil Sol Aluminium


For a while I have wanted an alternative for the Trangia stove. It weighs around a kilo and takes up a bit too much space. The goal was to have a cooking system that would fit in a 45 litre back pack, together with a sleeping mat, sleeping bag and tent. The Trangia has been used a lot on shorter daytrips, but for a one person trip it is a bit overkill to bring it.


I looked at the Jetboil Sol Alu because it felt smoother than the Primus Eta Solo. I found an article saying that the titan version might have to be more carefull with when it came to overheating it, so I went for the few extra grams of the aluminium version. I have long considered to buy just a simple burner like Primus Express Stove, but found out that the Jetboil systems has a heat exchanger. This means faster boiling, and less gas used. Weight saved on carrying gas.


Using the Jetboil Sol Alu


Using the jetboil was easy. It comes with an ignighter, so you don´t have to bring a lighter. Easy to set up, with some stablizer legs, it is secure. I did not find out how to release the cup after the water was boiled, ended up releasing the gas cartridge instead.


Frying pan kit


The reason for using Jetboil Sol was the possibility to still use a frying pan. I had to buy an extra kit for pot support that would be used when frying.


Compact packing


The gas cartridge of 100 g fits in the cup, together with the stabilizer legs. So compared to the Trangia the used space is significant less.



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