• Date: Jul 2014

Torefjell is a mountain surrounding the village Øystese in Hardanger. About 1,5 hours drive from Bergen. It is easily accessable from the skiing stadion at Sjusete.






How to get there.


In Øystese centrum take the road between the Statoil gas station and Coop Exta. There are road signs leading you to Sjusete, about 6 kilometers to drive. Follow the new asphalt road from the parking lot at Sjusete. Take left and follow until you see a little lake. Just follow the road around the lake, and continue to follow the road past small cabins untill it ends.


There is a sign to Torfejell pointing to the woods, but it is easier to just follow the road to the end just a few hundred meters further up. Then it is just to follow the path untill you pass one electric mast. From there follow the path towards the top, it should be marked with signs when ther are crossing paths.


Great 360 degrees view.


From the top you have magnificent wiew. Folgefonna, Kvamskogen and Tveitakvittingen to the west. Skrott in the North.


Summer and winter at Sjusete and Torefjell


In winter, for randone or backcountry sikiing. Just follow the same path up and down.


There are also several spots for a tent, on the way up and at the top.


It is possible to take a bath in the little lake at Sjusete. At Sjusete ther is a summer skiing (or biking) arena. So if you have a pair of roller skis or rollerblades, you can take rounds in on the arena. The asphalt was new summer 2014.



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