• Date: Dec 2013

We have tested the ultralight Dynafit TLT Performance 5 TF boot. Read our review of Dynafit TLT 5 Performance.






Dynafit TLT Performance 5 Review



For the Dynafit TLT 5 Performance you pay a bit extra for the light weight. Having used heavier freeride boots like Black Diamond Factor, turning to Dynafit TLT 5 Performance boots uphill, is just night and day in difference and worth the price.


The Dynafit TLT 5 Performance feels almost like as light as a cross country backcountry boot, and with the removable toungue you get extra flexibility and freedom of movement. The toungue was a really good feature, I always remove toungue on the way up, and inserts it back on the way down.


It is a dilema choosing the appropriate Alpine Touring equipment. Low weight most often compromise downhill performance. And good downhill performance means thay you will spend much more energy climbing the highest mountains, and must take a lot of pauses if you are not in 100 percent shape, or tour with persons with lighter gear.


Where to start with alpine touring


Personally I started to try alpine touring with my freeride ski buying the marker baron binding, a pair of skins and the black diamond factor boot. But after using this setup for a couple of seasons I wanted a package that was more lightweight oriented. So I went to buy the Dynafit TLT 5 Performance boots.


If you should buy and only have one pair of alpine touring boots, I would consider a slightly heavier boot that give a bit more support. The new Dynafit Performance TLT 6 also comes with two different liners, so it should be possible to choose the heavier liner for more comfort downhill, but a bit more weight is the drawback.


Uphill vs Downhill


So uphill the Dynafit TLT 5 Performance is a racer. With a light ski you almost forget that you are wearing alpine skis. If you are enjoing the uphill as much as the downhill, the light Dynafit TLT 5 Performacne is absolute a winner.


The test run I had with the Dynafit TLT 5 Performance had a bit hard conditions varying from powder to icy conditons, but where you in both need good support from the boot. I felt some stain to my legs, forcing me too take quite a few stops on the way down. And actually at the end I was hoping to be down soon, cause the legs started almost hurting.


So I would definitely say that this compromize my skiing performance downhill. I feel that I get enough stiffness of the boot not skiing too hard, but the thin and hard foam of the liner in Dynafit TLT 5 Performance, is unusal when beeing used to resort boots.


Weight Review - The experiences counts


But due to the low weight, I believe I will get quite a few amazing experiences allowing me to climb higher altitudes, without tearing my legs out on the way up. The other heavier boots would give you the hard time up, but with less or no compromize on the way down. So buy the Dynafit TLT 5Performance if you are into having a super light setup. I would not use these boots for too wide skis either, wide skis deserves heavier boots.


If you are looking for just one pair of touring boots and love the downhill skiing most, I might suggest to go for a bit more middle way with a bit heavier boots or the heavier liner. But still some of the lighter skis and bindings would give you a good enough weight to performance ratio.


Details and fit review


Dynafit seems to have put quite a lot of effort in weight saving on these boots, light buckets and no extras gives this light finish. The removable tongue is easy to remove and insert. Using the upper buckle to set the boot in walk mode is also a good solution. The buckle is not in the way when it is loose.


It is a bit more stress to get the Dynafit TLT 5 Performance on, compared to the Black Diamond Factor. The welcro is partly hidden, it has a rather snug fit to get both into and out of the boot. It is hard to get those off without removing the whole liner. But the manual says to remove the liner for drying, so it is not a very negative thing.


Try before buy


I would definitely try these types of boots on before buying. Find a local sports shop to try them on and, when you have found a fit - buy online... When trying on, be aware of places that the boot feels too tight or gives an uncomfortable pressure, this might be a problem when skiing down hill.


Conclusion of Review


I would say these boots are 80% uphill oriented and 20 % downhill oriented. Perfect for long day trips, easy to middle, an not too varied snow conditions. Consider also the Dynafit boot weighing a few more grams, but choose a light ski and a light (but not super light) binding. See the video below, he is absolutely loving the Dynafit TLT 5 Performance boots, and believe they have better uphill performance.


New Dynafit TLT 6 Performance Model 2014 - CL vs CR


In 2014 there is a new model of the Dynafit TLT Performance boot, the Dynafit TLT Performance 6. This one is green compared to the white and yellow 12/13 model 5 that I have tested and done a review on. The CL (lighter liner) and CR (heavier liner) are the different models of same boot, both are custom moldable.


Alternative Dynafit models - TLT Performance 6 vs One PX-TF and Vulcan TF


The Dynafit TLT Performance 6 looks promising, as you can choose different liners. To go to a heavier model, and a little less expensive model the One PX-TF could be a good alternative. Or the even heavier Vulcan TF for wider freeride oriented skis.


Dynafit TLT Performance 5 Video



Buy Online


backcountry.com - Dynafit TLT Performance 5 TF - 55% off 2013 Model


backcountry.com - Dynafit TLT Performance 6 CR - 2014 Model


blue-tomato.com - Dynafit One PX


blue-tomato.com - Dynafit One PX Women


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