• Date: Jan 2014

Dermizax NX vs Gore-Tex Pro : Which keep you driest? We have tested both to find the answer.






Dermizax NX vs Gore-Tex Pro


In fall 2013 Gore-Tex released a new version of their Gore-Tex Pro shell. They claim that this new technology should be between 10 and 28 % more breathable than earlier Gore-Tex Pro models.
So wanting a new excellent waterproof and breathable jacket, we bought the Berghaus Ulvetanna Gore-Tex Pro Jacket. Buying the top model jacket, in the upper top market when it comes to price, and also to have the newest Gore-Tex Pro fabric we expected the jacket to perform excellent on waterproofness and breathability.


This article only focus on breathability and waterproofness, not on other aspects of the jackets.
We did a very simple, yet a test we believe all waterpoof and breathable jackets should pass: In winter with degrees just above freeze to a few degress over freeze we did a walk for approximately 40 minutes. Not many climbing meters and just normal walk, on asphalt. When returning home we tested the inner part of the jackets by feeling the fabric, and seeing if it contained moisture. We have tested the jackets when they were new, and use that performance as our basis.


We also wanted to test a Dermizax NX jacket. Dermizax is the newest and most breathable membrane used in different jackets, most known may be in Bergans top models. But other brands like Phenix also uses Dermizax NX for their technical alpine ski wear, like the freeride jacket Black Powder 3L jacket. Alpine brand Kjus also has Dermizax NX jackets. We tested the 2013/2014 Bergans Hodlekve three layer non-insulated jacket.




We believe both Dermizax NX and Gore-Tex Pro are waterproof. That is if you put the jacket on something else than a person, and let it rain for 40 minutes the inside of the jacket would be dry. The issues for being complete dry is breathability and condensation. When the body heats up and the outside temperature is low, moisture can condensate on the inside of the jacket.


The Gore-Tex Pro jacket generally had more moisture than the Dermizax NX jacket. The big piece of fabric on the back of the jacket, above the snow skirt, had condensed moisture. If we took a piece of paper and wiped, the paper got wet. There were also extra moisture on parts around the snow skirt and seams.


The Dermizax NX jacket was completely dry on that big back piece of fabric. But on all seams and around pocket there was the same amount of moisture as on the back of the Gore-Tex Pro. But we more understand that wherever there is double fabric, because of the taped seams, the jackets are unable to breathe.


So our conclusion when it comes to breathability and keeping jacket inside dry, the Dermizax NX is the winner. Our test is as you see based on a test of one jacket from each technology, and we have only tested with a practical test, and not in a laboratory.


What can be done to avoid moisture and condensation


According to Bergans you should have as little as possible underneath the shells, to avoid unnecessary heat build up. It can also be an advantage to use synthetic layers, as wool keep the moisture more in the fabric compared to synthetic layering.


Other breathable fabrics not tested

Reading articles on the web we have got these two fabrics that stand out also to be good on breathability: Polartec Neoshell and eVent. We have also tested the Norrøna Falketind Gore-Tex Jacket and Pants which we believe stand the breathability and condensation test.


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