• Date: Nov 2013

Arcteryx Fission SV Gore Tex and Primaloft Jacket. Excellent weather protection and warmth. Read our review






Arcteryx Fission SV Review


Design of Arcteryx Fission SV Jacket


I got an early model of the Arcteryx Fission SV women´s jacket, and have worn it every day I have been skiing for the last five seasons.


You might think that the Arcteryx Fission SV jacket has got a bit old and worn out, but no that is what is great about Arcteryx. The design is timeless and the quality is superb. I recently readd an article about the Arcteryx production and design of jackets, in the Norwegian skier´s magazine Fri Flyt. The designers of Arcteryx are not allowed to do set their signature to the design. The design and product itself should last for 10 years.


So halfway there (5 years) I see that they are right, I see no reason to buy a new jacket for the serving the need for a water resistant, insulated skiing and winter jacket. My Arcteryx Fission SV still looks like it could have been new last season. Wile I see other jackets produced, that may have at the time fresher design, but it could easily be spotted that these jackets are not from the last couple of seasons.


Gore Tex and Primaloft - Usage Review


When having primaloft insulation in the jacket you can wear less underneath than a regular Gore Tex jacket. This is an advantage: When I have pauses and I generally just feel more isolated when it is cold and I am skiing.


I use it for both backcountry skiing and skiing in the slopes. I would give Arcteryx Fission SV 5 out of 5 stars for piste skiing, but only 3 of 5 for backcountry, as the Arcteryx Fission SV misses opportunity for ventilation underneath the arms. Still I manage that by just opening the whole jacket. It is too warm at the end of the season, but midseason and early it is good to have the extra insulation. But if I get so warm that I need to put it in the backpack, it is voluminous so the I´d prefer to have a lighter jacket with more layers than the Arcteryx Fission SV.


Why not down?


For skiing I prefer my Arcteryx Fission SV over my Bergans Down jacket. The reason is that thick down jackets get too warm in high activity, Primaloft also dries easier. For cold casual usage I on the other hand prefer a thick down jacket.


Fit Review


Actually last year I was skiing three days full days in -18 degrees Celsius (-0,4 Fahrenheit). Instead of having multiple layers, on the coldest day, I just put my down jacket under the Arcteryx jacket. Gave me a Michelin look but being at an instructor course and standing still a lot it worked.


The fit is loose, I am a L, and when I first got the jacket I was a bit disappointed as it looked baggy. But now I just prefer that. It is beneath the butt and hence it isolates strategic areas of warmth loss. I can also have my POC spine bug under to protect my back, without having the jacket to feel too tight.




I use this jacket almost only for skiing. The loose fit doesn't make mer feel too well when used for casual clothing, even tough I use Gore Tex jackets and similar for every day usage.


Pockets Review


The old model I have has two breast pockets. I always use one for my iPhone, and one for my ski card. In addition there is two regular lower pockets with normal size, and a small arm pocket.


Arcteryx Fission SV Hood


I have used the hood actively. If it is blowing my Sweet Protection Trooper fits underneath, and having my Anon Solace outside the hood makes me warmer and more weather protected.


Similar Jackets 


The jacket with the most similar look that I have come across is the Norrøna Lofoten insulated jacket.


Conclusion of Arcteryx Fission SV review


Know your usage for this jacket. For skiing it is a great buy, and as you will probably use it for a lot of seasons the stiff price is worth it.




Weather protection






Casual usage



Skiing usage












Weight and Volume



Arc'teryx Technologies - Hardshell Materials from ARC'TERYX on Vimeo.


Arc'teryx Technologies -Waterproof, Breathable Materials from ARC'TERYX on Vimeo.




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